Increasing Reproductive Efficiency in Beef Heifers with MAAC

A trial has recently been conducted at a Novus International Research Farm in America with the objective of the study to evaluate reproductive development of beef heifers supplemented with MAAC chelated trace minerals provided at a reduced inclusion rate compared to heifers supplements with inorganic trace minerals.

The results identified that heifers supplemented with MAAC had significantly greater reproductive tract scores throughout the trial as well as showed higher blood concentration levels of progesterone. This showing a greater potential for heifers to reach puberty earlier. Heifers supplemented with MAAC had greater odds of cycling at the end of the study compared to heifers supplemented with inorganic trace minerals.

Here at Rural Supplements we work closely with Novus to implement these products into our production. We currently use MAAC in our molasses based products – Turbo Power, Multi Lik and Max Lik. The use of MAAC in these products has seen great fertility and calving rates for many of our clients.

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