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  • The Rural Supplement products our company use are very economical. Steers on the Multi Lik always hold condition even when the grass deteriates and move ahead quickly when the season breaks. The older cattle on the Turbo Power will gain weight even when the fodder disappears, which enables us to have prime cattle to sell all the time. The team at Rural Supplements are easy to deal with and are always on time with the product.
    Tom Acton - Acton Land & Cattle Company, Rockhampton
  • We’ve been very impressed with Multi Lik liquid supplement. Where our breeders had access to good quality dry grass, both cow and calf responded within 10 days. Where the breeders on a poor quality grass were offered the new supplement they held their condition while supporting heavier calf weights. It performs as we were told. The cattle used the paddock with less effort and require less for maintenance. Once the grass became fresh, they used it better than we have seen before and started cycling strongly. We would highly recommend Multi Lik as a supplementary feeding regime, it’s the best I have ever used.
    Hastings & Sandra Donaldson - ‘Medway’ Bogantungan
  • We commenced using Rural Supplements Multi Lik and Maxi Lik in January 2014 when the season didn’t break. At the same time we experienced a massive heat wave that severely affected our 2000 plus breeding cows. The turnaround in the strength and energy in the cows and calves was almost immediate, added to this is the fact that there was no risk of urea poisoning if the product got rain on it which is a major consideration at all times. The ability to easily vary the mix of the product to control intake is also a good feature.
    Jack Stewart-Moore - ‘Dunluce’ Hughenden
  • For the past six years we’ve been using various Rural Supplements products. The Stud Ration has been excellent and the consistency and performance keeps us coming back to it every time.  It’s easy to feed out, the cattle go straight onto it and the results can be seen very quickly. It’s highly beneficial to have Barry Williams on hand at any time to speak to about any nutritional questions as he has a wealth of knowledge. The molasses based Multi Lik & Maxi Lik was a god send in 2013.  It kept our cows going right through the year on very little rain. They’re always kept a shine in their coat and it provided them the energy to get out and walk to feed.  All the cattle kept their strength, brightness of eye and returned in calf.  The condition of the calves was especially impressive, all looked sappy and didn’t have that droughted look about them at all. Having all the extra minerals added to the molasses is a magic recipe.  When some little storms were about, it was also very reassuring knowing that they tubs could get some water on top without being dangerous to the cattle. Rural Supplements were here with a delivery sometimes on very short notice and were always wonderful to deal with.   We would highly recommend the product & will certainly be using it again.
    Dean & Julie Allen - ‘Tarcombe’ Longreach
  • We’ve used Rural Supplements feed for the past five years for all our sale bull preparation we find the products consistent and reliable our bulls are presented very well. We use yearling developer early in our preparation and stud conditioner for the final six to eight weeks of sale preparation and find the coats and level of finish we get are consistently very good. We’ve also used the Turbo Power and Multi Lik for drought supplement also with great results. Sue’s family property is in the coastal wallum country and the breeders are better than they have ever been using Multi Lik.
    Darren & Sue Kent - ‘Wilden’ Rannes
  • For many years we have been looking for a product that would help maximize the growth of all our cattle on natural pasture regardless of the season. Since we have been using Rural Supplement’s Multi Lik we have noticed the product has enhanced milk production in the cows, in particular the first and second calf heifers. It’s maintained the health and performance of young cattle and bulls and ensured a better utilization of pasture without “flogging” the available grass. At all times we have found the Rural Supplements staff, from the office through to delivery, approachable, reliable and knowledgeable. We’ve been using Multi Lik for over twelve months and have used both the Flinders mix and this year have been using a 50/50 mix that we source from Ingham. Witnessing first-hand what Multi Lik can do for our cattle as a drought supplement we’re also confident that it will be highly beneficial as a production tool in feeding our bulls and young cattle in better seasons.
    Roger & Jenny Underwood - ‘Eversleigh’ Hughenden